Billing FAQ

How do I pay the anesthesiologist’s bill?

Your anesthesiologist will bill you separately from the surgeon’s fees or hospital charges. Most health insurance policies can pay for all or part of the anesthesia fees. However, different policies can vary greatly in the coverage provided.

How do I file my claim?

As a courtesy, we will file the claim for you. In order to do this we must have your correct insurance information. Our office may contact you to verify or correct our records. If you have any questions, or require any assistance, please visit our website at or call our billing office at 540-345-0289.

Will my insurance cover the entire fee?

Insurance companies, and their policies vary greatly in the amount of coverage provided. Although some insurance companies can pay our fee in full, there may be a balance that you are responsible for.

Will I be required to pay the balance?

Yes. If your insurance does not cover the entire fee, you will be billed for the balance.

What insurance companies do you participate with?

We participate with:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid – Virginia, West Virginia
  • Anthem
  • United Healthcare
  • Aetna
  • Virginia Health Network
  • Railroad Medicare
  • Gateway
  • Southern Health

Please note: For any further questions regarding insurance coverage please contact our billing office at 540-345-0289.

Will Medicare cover the entire charge?

Medicare will pay 80% of their allowable on covered services. You will be charged the remaining 20%. If you have secondary coverage and we have your insurance information we will file a claim for this. You will be responsible for the 20% unpaid by Medicare (and any deductible) and any charges for services Medicare does not cover.

How is the anesthesia fee determined?

Anesthesia fees are established according to a standard procedure used across the country. The fee is based on both the complexity and length of your surgery.

Will my insurance pay for my post-operative pain management?

Because post-operative pain management is a fairly new element of health care, it is not yet covered by all insurance companies but is covered by most.

Please Help Us File Your Claim.

We will make every effort to file your claim and assist you in any way we can. If you receive notification that your payment is past due, please phone our billing office at 540-345-0289 to verify that we have your accurate information. If you have any questions or problems with your bill, please phone our office.

What if I don’t have insurance?

Please contact our billing office for payment arrangements and possible discount at 540-345-0289.